Announcing Our Year of Eating Local!

LocalfoodyearannouncementMission: Eat as local as possible
Duration: June 1, 2016 to June 1, 2017
Participants: Xerxes, Lilly + our kiddos
Location: Colorado

The idea of going 100% (or let’s be real, maybe 95.5%) local, certainly came from reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle about 7+ years ago. The seed was quickly planted over glasses of cheap wine watching the sunset over Lookout Mountain while my husband finished his PhD and I ran a Personal Chef business.

Since then, we have journeyed closer to the local food world, but we are hardly fully there. Life has been a whirlwind since I read Kingsolver’s book. We started a family. I started Lilly’s Table. Xerxes graduated triggering a move to Arizona, where we were schooled on the beautiful possibilities for food, both local + native. We moved back, had another babe, bought a house, started gardening (again) and let’s just say the mere thought of doing anything more was overwhelming at best. But recent frustrations, including questions about what the hell we are even doing here on this earth, have tilled up emotions and that idea from years ago has now been germinated.

What exactly does eating local food mean for our family?

It means we will do the best we can to source all of our food from our mountain state or wherever we may be, since travel is totally a possibility this year. We will be focusing on ingredients, not just the “made in Colorado” products, which we completely respect, but even these products will be examined with a magnify glass as we want to better understand where + how they were grown before we consume them.

Going local means we want to have better questions about our food. Instead of asking, how quickly can we get something on the table and into the mouths of our family, we want to ask:

Who grew it?
Who raised it?
Can we grow it or produce it?

Where does it come from?
Why does it matter?
Who produced it?
Will my children like it?
How much energy does it take to make it?
Is this a lifestyle we can sustain in the long run? 

Overall we want to know what is the true cost of the food that we put on our plates. The costs to the producers, our land, our fellow citizens, our country, our health and of course our own wallets.

As we have slowly leaked the idea of our year long project to friends and family, there have naturally been lots of questions and thankfully a lot of support (thanks buddies- you’re bestest!)

We hope to share the answers to their questions, such as:

‘”Are there any exceptions to the geographic parameters?” (Yes, I am looking at you olive oil!)
“What will your kids eat at birthday parties or at school?”
“Are you just going to eat a lot of meat?” (Colorado does have some great meat!)

But, we also welcome your questions! Please ask them in the comments and if we have a long answer, it may even inspire a future post from my husband or me.

One of my favorite questions or shall I say comments I have received from nearly everyone is “Will you be sharing your journey!?” And yes! We are going to do our best to track the year and share all that we find out during this mission. Here is where you can find us on social media, talking up all that we are striving towards. Please follow us and share the local food LOVE:

Facebook group: LocalFood.Love
This bloggy:, of course.

And… I will be emailing Lilly’s Table newsletter subscribers with our updates. Subscribe at the top to be a part of the fun. My goal is weekly, but between canning, sourcing and curating our entire food system this year, I hope y’all can give me some grace. Regardless, to get news in your inbox and a nifty 5-day meal planning mini-class, sign up HERE… in the above right box!

It’s gonna be quite a year and we hope you join us on this adventure!

Cheers! Love,


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