We believe there is a way to eat that is good for your body, but also healthy for the planet. In our society it takes effort to step away from the convenience foods, supposed time-saving boxes, bags & cans, and regular trips to restaurants. Some of us compost, other’s reduce waste, many of us recycle all because we know that our small planet will not hold our disposable lifestyle forever.

While we are in need of an energy makeover and national sweeping efforts to take care of our environment, there is one thing we all do 2, 3 or more times per day: EAT. Some of our food comes wrapped and packaged in disposable products with easy to use plastic utensils. Much of the fresh food is coated in pesticides and fertilizers that harm. While the food products are loaded with chemicals and additives to allow our food’s shelf life to extend well beyond our own needs and colorings to make it more appetizing to consume.

Because we eat everyday we have incredible consumer power to make choices that step away from this food that is so¬†destructive. Dining on sustainable, seasonal fare is a more nutritious, flavorful, chemical-free way to enjoy food and better yet it can be much more delicious. Through Lilly’s Table we encourage you to join us as we cook and eat our way to a better planet.

Seasonal Meal Planning¬†Will give you the recipes, tools, and shopping lists to make all of these choices easier and more delicious. Every week you will receive a new seasonal meal plan that can be adjusted to your own needs and then a shopping list is conveniently created to make shopping easier too. Once everything is ready and in your home the question of ‘what to eat sustainably’ will be quick to answer.

Weekly In Season Emails Provide tips, tricks and ideas for using a fruit or vegetable that is currently available in season. Once a week you will receive a FREE email highlighting the seasonal produce including several recipes normally only available as a subscriber to the Meal Planning Service.

Healthy Body, Healthy Planet Challenge Join the challenge! For 30 days, increase your sustainable food lifestyle by eliminating the waste and eating more of the good stuff. We will support you through FREE emails every few days as you eat your way to a better planet.

Health from the Hearth Chef Lilly has teamed up with Dr. Kaycie Rosen Grigel to explore and explain all of the beautiful connections between eating seasonally and the health of your body. Follow us over there for more information on eating for your health and the health of you whole family.