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Almost to our Year of Local Food


It is the night before our Local Food Year begins and I think it is time to admit, I am getting nervous. Or as my overly positive husband likes to say… You know what nervousness is, right!? Excitement in disguise. Recently, I read somewhere that fear is excitement without the breath, so I am trying to breath into the possibilities of this year without listening to all the naysayers, especially those nasty little voices in my head.

The what were we thinking? question has been coming up especially frequently as we attempt to unload or gobble up food that we won’t be eating for the year, figure out what we will actually eat starting on June 1st and then pack up for a camping trip soon after all the while not super certain about what we are eating for the 8+ meals that I will be cooking on the side of the road, campsite and in a hotel parking lot. This is also compounded by the rather limited produce in Colorado at the start of June– basically, we have lettuce and herbs. I could whine for days, but thankfully we will be tasting some Colorado wines in the near future to help bring a bit of delight to the start of our year.

In finishing up our year of normal food, we have dined out at an embarrassingly high rate. Every time shrugging it off with It’s gonna be a loooong while until we go here again. And no, that stomach ache from yesterday’s restaurant experience is totally gone… at least for the last five minutes. The two+ weeks of this sudo-mardi gras has been quite the binge!  

Meanwhile, I have been letting myself roll around in the fear + uncertainty of this upcoming year, drowning it in the convenience foods I claim I will miss. We shall see what I will actually miss! Sifting through that insanity, I also find myself ready to surrender to the possibilities. There very well be some crazy moments, awkward social encounters, random food decisions and even some unprepared growling bellies, but the intention will still be there.

Through this intention of discovering the source of our food and celebrating our Colorado Food System, I am looking forward to new answers to new questions. I am craving what you discover when you narrow your food system down to that which is grown within a limited proximity and uses only an essential amount of resources to produce. This is something rarely experienced in our modern American culture, but it is something that shaped communities past and continues to shape many societies around the world.

As I get nervous… err… excited about this year, I am trying to focus on what we will GET to eat rather than all of the convenience foods we will miss (so long prepackaged pasta and sliced bread– it’s been fun!) I also spent a small fortune on some local cheese + salami today to help toast us into the new year, but realized that is not financially sustainable at all. Thankfully, we have some other long term strategies in mind, including limiting our cheese consumption and making our own. There is some creme fraiche and yogurt being cultured in the kitchen as I type! Also, the dramatically discounted bulk flour was an upfront investment, but as I make more bread and baked goods, I think we will go through it quickly.

I hope as the anxiety of all the year’s ‘what ifs’ come and go, this journey will be full of more pleasant surprises than not. As it is, we have had so much support from friends who are ‘eager to follow our adventure’, which inspires me to not give up before we have begun… but, seriously folks, I have been tempted!